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Spree Review

An underrated modern-day hidden gem that tells a hair-raising story of a deranged individual named Kurt (Joe Keery) through social media platforms that you and I use everyday.

Eugene Kottlyarenk directs a modern tale which explores the consequences of the dark side of Social Media and the mishapenings of a hero that wants just one thing; a big following.

A modern day American Psycho

It is safe to say that movies are a product of their time. American Psycho was an adaptation of a book (released in 1991) that was released in 2000. Christian Bale played an eccentric buisiness man with his own demons and obessions. While the aesthetic style of these two movies are nothing alike, the comparison stands just by seeing the apparent similiarity between the two protagonists. Just like Patrick Bateman, Kurt Kunkle is an obsessed-with-status, unbalanced man whose dedication has no end.

A new form of cinematography:

A new form of cinematography:.notice is the way this story is told. Spree follows the new format of storytelling named Computer screen film that originated from The Collingswood Story back in 2006 and has been adapted more recently by the movies Searching, Unfriended and an episode of Modern Family (Connection Lost). I love this modern way of story telling since it provides a real-like feeling which engages the viewer in the psyche of its characters. The shaking of the cameras, the looks of Kurt whose sanity is slowly becoming one with the void and the simultaneous showcasing of the Social Media feed provides a much needed fresh look into the characters of the movie.


The plot of the movie follows Kurt Kunkle, a social media junkie who is obsessed with only one goal in life; receiving a big following and going viral. From the early stages of the film, one can notice a thing that not many movies can really capture; the feeling of the Internet actually feels genuine. You see all these Internet references and all these "fake personas" that people put on for their content which gives the genuine Internet-y feel that has been going on in our lives for the last 10 to 15 years. It also raises the issue regarding the duality of a person's identity and how it can be altered due to one's exposure to his or her 'fans'. Being motivated by current Internet Celebrity Bobby who mocks his effort, Kurt decides to livestream something that he calls "The Lesson" in which he states the record is "7 bodies". At this time, it is important to note something; Shit goes down. Kurt's smallsome sanity begins to dissapear while the movie goes forward, offering the viewer with a number of classic What-The-Fuck moments which include a number of killings, car chases and more. Furthermore, there is a twist that you will not see coming which fucks you up.

+The pros:

  • Joe Keery's back must have been hurting for a while since he carried the fuck out of this movie. His mannerisms, his expressions and his overall performance is nothing else but impressive. You can just see in his eyes that Kurt's stability is slowly descending into a fame-wanting madness.

  • The pacing of the movie is amazing. I just love movies that start with a simple premise in which shit goes down. And who doesn't ? The what-the-fuck-ity of the moments increase in a rapid way which makes you wanna see what happens next and guess where this guy's crazyness will take him next.

  • The authenticity of the film is crazy. The way the Internet is portrayed is nothing less than impressive. It is nice to see people who work in movies actually doing their research. There is a 4chan reference for gods sakes.

  • The way the movie is told which provides the viewer with both the amoung of viewers, the donations and the coments of the stream enables the viewer to feel like he is just another viewer to this damaged individual's murderous broadcasting spree.


  • The supporting cast is not something that can be considered as impressive. SNL comedians, a former Vinestar, a Disney star, a fashion designer and Ariana Grande's brother cannot be considered as an ensemble cast but it gets the job done.

  • The humor sucked ass. I could not see how the public would consider Sasheer Zamata's character as a star comedian. Also how the fuck does 100k make you the social media queen?

Overall Rating:


Spree is now streaming on Netflix. Please support the new-age of filmakers and stream the movie.

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