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Local artists - Meet Belt of Venus

Discover the unknown, fly to venus and back!

The art of rock and roll is slowly being forgotten in our era and rockers from all over the world are looking for ways to relieve the past glories of music and hang on to their favorite artists from generations ago. The Led Zeppelins and Pink Floyds of the past are slowly being forgotten and new bands are trying to emerge to the front stage and begin a new renaissance of Rock.

The ‘’new Led Zeppelin’’ is Greta Van Fleet a younger and enthusiastic rock band that can hold their own, however the ‘’tributes’’ to the Glory days of Rock do not continue and can not take front stage. Most rock bands are now older and seem to struggle to be the images that people remember them to be. The icons of the past such as Ozzy, Lemmy, Johnson, Gilmour and Dio are impossible to either duplicate or recreate, but the genre has seen a massive drop in terms of fanbase, hype or all around presentation.

Nowhere near the top charts, overtaken by Rap, Trap, Pop and Hip-Hop, many fans of Rock are trying day by day to discover new bands that remind them the past and can guide them to the future. Even though they are getting difficult to find, they exist, but the fact that the media will NOT give them a shot hurts the genre, and the dreams of these bands that want to take front stage and hold the flag of Rock. In the immortal words of Brian Johnson of AC/DC, ‘’for those about to rock, we salute you’’, we here at Art in the T-shirts, salute those bands who try and make it in a world who is unwilling to give them a chance and we are here to present one of those bands for you.

What most fitting for this tribute to promote local artists who have all the tools to succeed, a name that has probably never reached your screens or ears, will present 4 young Greeks and Cypriots who share the love for rock and unlimited potential as musicians in the world of Rock n Roll! The aim is to rebound the wonderful genre of rock into the ears of the younger Greek and Cypriot generation who live with the Illusion that rap and hip hop are the purest genres of music. Our answer to that reputation is HELL NO and we have the Plan, our plan, Your Plan to try and change that as best as we can.

The name Belt of Venus might not ring any bells, however, we are willing to bet that they will get their name out there sooner than most expect. The three members that first formed the band were, Chris Ioannides at Vocals, Dimitris Leontiou lead guitar, Foivos Georgiadis on drums were the founding members, however, they needed a bass player to keep the tempo in their songs, thus, the fourth member of the band was introduced during the last song called Hell No. Already released 4 songs since their forming 2 years ago. Two of them featuring the Psychedelic Rock sounds of Leontiou’s guitar and the wonderful harmonies of Chris and the rest arguably getting that classic rock sound out there with wonderful shreds, a tempo that eagers every single individual to bang them heads and some matching vocals.

As said by the lead singer of the band Chris, the band will aim to put out there the sound of classic rock and even though there is a mix of psychedelia in their first songs, it seems that the fourth song named ‘’Hell No'’ gives a classic Rock sound like only a few in this day and age.

As mentioned, Belt of Venus, have released their first song called Illusion close to two years ago, a song that can be perfectly described as psychedelic melodic rock, the slow guitar melodies playing in the background are sending the listener places. The lyrics are mentioning the demon inside the human that can be destroyed with a smile and the message that you never look back in your demons only forward. Meaningful lyrics, glorious vocals and brilliant musical production makes this song a fantastic start for the band and gives them potential moving forward.

Check out the song below.

The second song was released in November 2020 named ‘’Rebound’’. Easy to understand just from the title, a steady tempo guides the song through the main body, when a catchy uplifting tune will be your friend till the next verse, as the band sings about the unity and togetherness that they have and that they will not be fought and rebound on every obstacle thus moving forward together.

Moving on to song number 3, Belt of Venus presented the first video clip on youtube when the 3 band members can be seen on studio recording the single. A slower in terms of pace and tempo, however the rock sound of them is being heard, an instant influence is seen by 60s rock with the lead singer giving lower vocals to start the song and breaking into the main body that sees the wonderful guitar shreds breaking the song into 3 different parts. The lyrics of ‘’Your Plan’’ are all about grabbing the life by its horns, be responsible for your own actions and live the fullest life that you possibly can. Strong message, slower classic psychedelic rock, the three members who claim that they are proud of those first three songs, are eager to get a more classical rock sound out there with their fourth song, tease of what was coming next.

On June 2022, here came ‘’Hell No’’. In the eyes of the writer, a glorious song that captures that glorious classic rock melodies of the past. The forgotten memories of the past of the band member’s lives encapsulate the lyrics however, the fast-paced tempo of the song, the lovely drum solos and harmonies, the guitar’s shreds and the rock sound being heard from the microphone of Foris, along with backup vocals, are without a doubt their most difficult and beautiful track so far.

Bright future, unlimited potential, badass music and most importantly passion for the magical world of music. The one thousand monthly listeners do not do justice to the band, but there is promise and the future is theirs for the taken.

Below you can find Belt of Venus links to support them:

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