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Dallas Buyers Club - a criticism of FDA, friendships and prejudices

The movie "Dallas Buyers Club" is one of the most powerful stories and it originates from a real one. The movie was released in 2013 and should be watched by every Millenial and Zillenial. It is a story about self-sacrifice, altruism and how you as an individual can make the world a better place by simply refusing the status quo.

Plot and the real life story

The movie tells a dramaticized version of the story of Ron Woodroof (portrayed by the awesome Matthew McConaughey) who contacted human immunodeficiency virus (HIV as most of us know it as) and more specifically AIDS in the backward 1980s where the majority of people often perceived it as a homosexual illness. After loosing his friends to these homophobic perceptions, Ron took matters into his own hands. He did that by not accepting the status quo and the inability of the American Health System to cure him by researching and acquiring experimental drugs made from ddC and the protein peptide T which were not approved by the FDA. These drugs gave Ron a light at the tunnel which was his life since his condition was improved and his life was prolonged.while simoultaneously avoiding the side-effects of the medication provided made from AZT.

As a result, Ron's efforts have attracted a major part of AIDs patients to come forward and ask for his help which resulted to what will soknown as the Dallas Buyer's Club.


Dallas Buyers Club is one of the most important movies an individual can watch for a number of reasons. The number one reason is to see and acknoledge the phenomenon known as Zeitgeist which according to German philosophy is what surrounds an era with mindsets,opinions and prejudices which can be considered as outdated by the time being. Dallas Buyer's Club perfectly captures that philosophy since it shows how quickly what humanity knows can become outdated. After his diagnosis, Ron is excluded from his homophobic friends who verbally abuse him.

Moreover, this shows how we should never get what we know as granted since it could be a subject of change. This is how science works and we should simply accept it. Back then, it was normal for people to think that HIV was exclusive to homosexuals, and people facing the virus had to face the backlash from family, friends and lovers. As shown, Ron is publicly disowned by his friends due to their pure ignorance, in a situation in which most of us would appreciate the slightest form of compassion. This leaves a person devastated, heartbroken but with an important lesson. When you are in trouble, that is when you know who your real friends are.

Altered opinions

While Matthew McConaughey's performance has received him an Academy Award, in my opinion, Jared Leto's portrayal of Reyon, a drugged transexual who suffers from the HIV as well, steals the show. The chemistry between these two characters is what makes this movie powerful.

Ron's character in the beginning is a stereotypical redneck who does too many drugs, fucks too many prostitutes and parties a bit too much while also hating "faggots" as he prematurely describes homosexuals. However, in the face of rejection, Ron comes in contact with Rayon (whom he met before and is hostile to) who needs more of the feel-good drugs to help some of her friends who suffer from HIV. Let me just point this out again, Jared Leto is exceptional in this movie since he disappears behind the role of a sassy, tragic and sympathetic Reyon. Just look at his performance in this scene and compare it to that trapper Joker performance from Suicide Squad.

This leads to a partnership formed by Ron and Rayon which kickstarts the way of a beautiful friendship. Ron drastically drops his homophobic views and accepts that everyone's got their own life. This leads to him caring for Rayon and him publicly defending her honor in one instance.

The character development showed here is exceptional. Ron was a man sure of his opinions. He did not hesitate to get physical just in the thought of someone calling him gay. But the circumstances changed him. His views of what a "true man" is are dropped. He accepts something he himself does not understand, he leaves his prejudices aside and accepts this person as a friend.

The illusion of safety

Dallas Buyer's Club last illustrative point is revolved around the illusion of safety we have as humans. As shown from the film, the approval from any government body should mean nothing. The fact that Ron's absurd story is actually true should trigger us. It should anger us. How the hell did a man from Texas manage to identify drugs that worked better than an entire organisation? How can one trust anything after this? This movie should teach you a lesson that I have not seen yet from any reviews, videos or anything I have come across related to this movie. You should take care of yourself in the best of your ability. Nobody knows what we are putting in our bodies and nobody knows what it can cause. Some articles suggest that the movie is a fraud and it suggest that Ron's attempts were nothing but a fluke. Nobody knows if that is true or not. It should be in our judgement to study everything around us and try to make worthwile choices.

Finally, I want to say thank you if you have reached this part. This is the fifth installment of the "Movies to watch before you die" and we have already tackled a number of issues. Racism, consumerism, homophobia, drug addiction, mental issues and more. I am grateful if you are giving this a blog a chance which enables me to do something I love. Until the next one.

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