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A tribute to the art that is "Time" by Pink Floyd

Updated: Jun 11, 2022

A trip to absolut fulfillment. A journey through the magic that is music. An incredibly fascinating group of Musicians brought Pink Floyd to you. A band that is thought by a lot to be, the Greatest Rock Band of all times! The sound of David Gilmour's riff will forever be in the minds of the people of rock! Bringing some splendid shreds, over the couple of a few decades, the band have set a standard so high in terms of music production and lyrics, that even 30-40 years later, is near impossible to match. The quality lyrics of Pink Floyd stand out, singing about the problems and issues of the modern society at the time, thus addressing matters that are still relevant 40 years later, and will still be relevant until the end of mankind.

Pink Floyd founding members

The name of the band became vaguely connected with their number 1 song, which "Another Brick on the Wall". This song put the band on the map and has produced hundreds of millions of views and millions of sales. The song was part of the album "The Wall" released in 1982, which was the band's best album at the time (unbiased as always). The song first emerged into pop-culture, along with a fascinating video clip clearly talking against the educational system, its errors and its flaws, thus causing riots by teachers and students worldwide. What was interestint about Pink Floyd to begin with, is that their albums all sound like a big song, 45-minute song but they are divided into a few songs with their own narrative and their own story, but the continuity and greatness of the lyrics is what stands out.

But this is not a tribute to Another brick on the wall. This tribute originates from the love towards one magical song called "Time", from one of the best albums in the band's discography "The dark side of the moon".

This album includes masterpieces such as "Comfortably Numb", "Breathe", "Money" and "The Great Gig in the Sky", but what stands out is the timeless song of Pink Floyd, "Time".

This is truly is a song that hits home to most people. It's a song that allows the listener to daydream while listening Roger Waters and David Gilmour's guitars and voices and the spectacular harmonies. A slow start that makes you wait and lose track of time is an introduction that is unique. Such uniqueness that only them can offer. Two and a half minutes into the song and the first strong lyrics start to hit when you hear Gilmour sing the line "and then one day you find, ten years have gone, behind you, noone told you when to run, you missed the starting gun" followed by a shredding solo.

That lyric can be felt by every adult, this lyric can awake the memories of every adult as well as make the mind think of how fast the time goes by and how strong the lyric and meaning of this line are. The addiction of the people in watching a clock tick all the way through, in order to pass the dull days and moments, the addiction of looking to someone or something to show you the way, but noone is there for anyone, and time will pass regardless, much much faster than you think. If you do not act fast, you will soon be looking back on your dreams, looking back in your ambitions and fell sorry for yourself for not being able to make those dreams a reality.

Just a single line can get all that, just a single lyric.

The reason that the band got connected with drugs, is the ability of the guitar and harmonies of them to make the listener daydream and zone out of the reality.

Those feelings are connected with drugs, but Pink Floyd are something more than drugs, they are the psychedelic magicians of rock!

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